Mindmelding chapter summaries

Here at Oxford Scholarship Online, along with an abstract.

Claude Monet, The Manneporte near √Čtretat

Why is the brain prone to florid forms of confabulation?

This article by Jules Montague appeared on The Wire April 22, 2017.

Isle of the Dead, by Arnold Bocklin

Podcast on Faculti.net

This audio podcast is from an interview conducted on Dec. 20th 2019. In it I describe the central themes of Responsible Brains. Site registration is required.

Quarai Mission, Salinas National Monument

Philosophy research websites

The best place on the web to find research on philosophical questions:


The site editors have also recently added a companion site that contains pages for a large percentage of working philosophers–great for discovering people doing interesting research:


Here’s my page:

William Hirstein

Ivory diptych sundial, 17th century France

Consciousness, responsibility, and executive processes

This interview with faculti.net took place on March 13th, 2015. It looks like site registration is required to view.

Neil Levy’s review of Mindmelding: Consciousness, Neuroscience, and the Mind’s Privacy

This review was published August 13, 2014.