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What is a Psychopath?

This post details several of the criteria that one must meet to be deemed a psychopath, and describes some of the most important recent neuroscientific findings on what is different about their brains.

Why Creationists Should Not Fly on Airplanes

This post details how creationists run into the massive interconnectedness of science and technology when they dispute the theory of evolution.

Socratic Irony and Neuroscience

This post covers several neuroscientific findings that promise to shed light on the set of riddles surrounding Socrates.

Neuroaesthetics: Responding to the Critics

This post contains responses to seven of the most frequently made objections to the new field of neuroaesthetics.

Ten Tests for Theories of Consciousness

This post contains ten questions that any theorist of consciousness should be able to answer.

Conjoined Twins, Conjoined Brains, But Conjoined Minds?

This post is about two twins conjoined at the head who appear to be able to read each others’ thoughts, something that could bear on my thesis of mindmelding.