Monthly Archives: January 2013

Socratic Irony and Neuroscience

This post covers several neuroscientific findings that promise to shed light on the set of riddles surrounding Socrates.

Neuroaesthetics: Responding to the Critics

This post contains responses to seven of the most frequently made objections to the new field of neuroaesthetics.

Psychology Today

This post is written by Kristian Marlow and it appears on the excellent Psychology Today blogsite that he co-writes with Berit Brogaard.

It covers my paper with Katrina Sifferd, called “The Legal Self,” which argues that the brain’s set of executive processes ground rationality and legal responsibility.

The Neuropsychotherapist

The Neuropsychotherapist is a new journal.  I have been added to their board of experts, who will comment on relevant issues as they arise.

This one is a brief comment on the school shooting in Connecticut. How sad that we’ve even had to create the concept of a “school shooting.”


This is a report on Pravda’s English language website on my paper with Katrina Sifferd about how the brain’s executive processes are the seat of rationality and criminal responsibility.